I’ll Be Bike! Arnie Stops Traffic On London Ride

postCommuters in London had to do a double take this morning when the Terminator was spotted cycling around its landmarks.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was enjoying a pootle around town on one of the so-called “Boris Bikes” but soon had fans concerned about his safety.

Dan Morgan tweeted: “On the bus to work, and genuinely just nearly ran over @Schwarzenegger riding a Boris bike across Piccadilly Circus #nohelmet #illbeback”

The Hollywood star reportedly pedalled around areas in the West End, including Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus and Buckingham Palace.

Steve Fowler wrote: “Apologies to @Schwarzenegger for nearly bumping him off his boris bike this morning in my Range Rover. Didn’t expect Terminator in Regent St.”

Arnie, 67, posted a video on his Facebook page from Westminster where he said: “Look at this beautiful statue in the back of Winston Churchill, one of my heroes.”

He later posted another on Snapchat showing him relaxing on a bench in what looks like one of the capital’s parks.

And to complete a social media treble, he made sure he told his Twitter followers

Florence To Take Foo Fighters Glasto Slot

2015 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival - Day 4Florence + The Machine will replace the Foo Fighters in the Friday headline slot at the Glastonbury Festival after frontman Dave Grohl broke his leg.

The American band were forced to pull out of all remaining shows on their UK and European tour, including at Wembley Stadium in London and Murrayfield in Edinburgh.

Glastonbury tweeted: “We’re very pleased to announce that Florence + The Machine will play the Friday night Pyramid headline slot.”

And organiser Emily Eavis said: “So happy Florence is going to step up to headline Friday night, she’s going to smash it!”

There was a mixed reaction on Twitter to the news with some saying they had hoped for an act not already on the line-up to be drafted in.

Grohl injured himself when he fell off the stage but managed to keep performing during a gig at the Ullevi Stadium in Sweden on 12 June.

He had surgery on Monday and doctors have subsequently ordered the cancellation of the concerts to aid his recovery.

Jurassic World’s Roaring Success At Box Office

postJurassic World, the fourth film in the series that began with Jurassic Park, has gobbled up the competition to score the biggest worldwide box office opening weekend ever.

It pulled in $511m (£329m) globally as it opened in cinemas, according to box office tracker Exhibitor Relations – eclipsing Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 ($483m in 2011).

The unprecedented haul for the blockbuster, which has had largely good reviews, was boosted by the $100m earned in China alone and it topped the box office in 66 countries.

In North America, the film made $204.6m, just short of the record for an opening weekend in the region, held by Marvel’s The Avengers ($207m in 2012).

Co-produced by Steven Spielberg, who directed the first two of the four films, Jurassic World returns to the island theme park where scientists first revived T-Rex and other dinosaurs for paying customers over 20 years ago.

Paul Dergarabedian, a media analyst, said the film benefited from something of “a perfect box-office storm”.

“Nostalgia, legacy, pedigree: Three things that can make a newly updated franchise a monster,” he said.

“There are many reasons Jurassic World is eating box

Ed Sheeran Surprises Fan On Shopping Mall Stage

postThe British star is shopping in Edmonton when he hears a teenager singing one of his hits and decides to join her for a duet.

An Ed Sheeran fan has had the surprise of her life while singing one of the musician’s songs in a Canadian shopping centre.

Aspiring singer Sydney Bourbeau, 13, was performing the 24-year-old’s hit Thinking Out Loud at the West Edmonton Mall when the man himself sauntered on stage to join her for a duet.

Video shows Sheeran walking out of an HMV store and onto the stage to cheers from the audience.

Sydney was almost lost for words but managed to compose herself enough to share the microphone and finish the song with the star.

It appears to have been pure coincidence that Sheeran was in the centre as his song was being performed.

Sydney, who was singing as part of a charity fundraiser, told the Edmonton Journal: “I was like, should I stop? I didn’t want to stop, but I wanted to talk to him.

“This is, like,

Chris Evans: Wild Boozer To Entertainment Star

postChris Evans has had some of the biggest jobs in television and radio in a career which has seen him reinvent himself from a laddish boozer to one of the country’s most recognisable personalities.

He first appeared in people’s homes in the early 1990s with TV monsters like the Big Breakfast, Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush, TFI Friday and then on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

However, as his working life got busier, his personal life started to unravel with heavy drinking and the marriage and subsequent divorce from teenage pop star Billie Piper.

But in 2010 he made a comeback as an older and safer broadcaster by landing the top job in radio – replacing Sir Terry Wogan in the breakfast slot on Radio 2.

He also became one of the co-presenters on The One Show.

Now aged 49 and a grandfather, the famous petrol-head with a penchant for Ferraris is to take the helm of one of the BBC’s prized assets, Top Gear.

Warrington-born Evans worked his way up from a series of odd

Most perfect Stag & Hen Packages for your weekend

In the modern days, everybody has a hectic lifestyle and busy work schedule whether they are students, employers, employees, or part time workers. Week end has been a most expectable moment of those people because they want to enjoy their weekends. You work very hard throughout the week and desire to enjoy a lot at the end of the week. In the previous days, you were planning a trip to one destination and went with the family, friends, or colleagues and need to get all necessary things with you. Now days, there are more numbers of Stag & Hen Packages available for planning your weekend at the most preferable destination.

Booking week end trip:

These days, many online websites are providing a service of stag and hen weekends to the individuals who want to enjoy their week end holidays with the full peace of mind. The best trip arrangement companies have an awesome weekend packages to make your holidays most enjoyable experience. There are thousands of stag and hen weekend packages with the all accommodation and facilities. The best package guarantees the best rates you can find for your

A Noble Cause in the Name of Hope

Without you having to realize it, art has a way to soothe the ailing body and the aching heart. You can hear someone sings so good and before you know it, your spirit is fully charged and you are ready to take on anything life has up its sleeve to throw at you. Art may not be capable of curing illness, but art makes it possible for you, for us, to see the world in a brighter way. And suddenly everything becomes bearable. Manageable. That’s the work of the art. And this is exactly what SingForHope.org has in mind.

The organization has a row of all-year programs that are solely devoted in making art something that everyone can have access to. It invites music artists or art performers to conduct a show for those who can really use a cheering up during their predicaments. There is a possibility that certain group of people is alienated for the rest of the world, due to specific illness they suffer, and that makes it hard for them to enjoy any kind of art. And it is a known fact that lack of art in someone’s life only ends

Remembering a Reluctant Hollywood Star

The 1960’s was a decade that heralded a new wave of film stars such as Paul Newman, Sydney Poitier, Audrey Hepburn, Clint Eastwood and many others.

But for a twist of fate, one actor may well have ranked amongst such prestigious talents had he not made the decision to forgo his acting career whilst on the verge of international stardom.

Rising star Christopher Jones was tipped to be a worthy successor to James Dean with a body of work in TV and film including David Lean’s Ryan’s Daughter (1970).

A close friend of the murdered actress Sharon Tate, who was the pregnant wife of film director Roman Polanski, at the hands of the notorious Manson family in 1969, this would prove to be an event that would affect him deeply, and may have had an influence on his choices. It was compounded further by the death of rock star Jim Morrison, also a friend of Jones’ who died in 1971.

Jones maintained a low-profile during those years with the express desire to choke-off any possibility of becoming the next big thing.

Born Billy Frank Jones in Jackson, Tennessee in the USA in

Increase chances with mouse fishing lure

When people go for fishing, it can be out of two reasons. It can be either a professional reason where the fisher man deals with buying and selling of fish or it can be due to personal interest and hobby. The practice of fishery has been in to the market since decades and it is still continuing and gaining popularity every day. Some people take out time with friends on Sunday and go fishing. They kind of gets in to a competition depending upon the size and number of fish each of them catches.

Then they either sell that fish to the local vendors or carry them home for eating purpose. Fishes have even turned clever and they know that they should not attack on a single grain or chunk of food. Catching bigger fishes is a challenge as they hardly snap upon small chunks of food. Hence, in order to catch a big fish, the food provided for them must be worthy enough to make the fish snap on to it.

Muskie fishing lures have been launched in to the market in order to make the catching of big fishes easy. People now use mouse fishing lure to catch hard

Get to Know About Candid Photography in Mumbai by PHOTO PHACTORY

photophactory 1Photography just not remains with still photography. Taking the photograph in motion is also a photography pattern.  Best moments of life are spontaneous and unplanned. We provide candid photographers in Mumbai for these type of photography. Candid photography refers to the photographs that are taken in motion without creating a poses appearance. Candid photography is also very important part of the wedding. It creates a beautiful view of the day that is special for you. We take pride in creating perfect shot that capture the re4al beauty. Our flair of capturing life enables us to provide couples with beautiful and emotional images. That tells the story of their day. Candid photography captures the natural expressions. These add extra look to your wedding collection of photograph.

Candid photography is all about capturing spontaneously. Candid photographers in Mumbai are the expert team that works on these types of images and captures the best.

  • It doesn’t require any pose or direction to be click. It’s just a sudden expression that a photographer catches. It requires carrying the camera each and everywhere.
  • It is better

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Goling is a canadian film actor, director, screenwriter and a musician. His first moment of fame was when he child starred in Disney Channels’ Mickey Mouse club in 1993. He has been a recipient of many awards like MTV Movie Awards, Teen Choice Awrads and Golden Globe Awards in his career for his acting skills.

After starting his career as a child actor in Micky Mouse Club, he appeared in a few family entertainment series including, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Goosebumps, Breaker High and Young Hercules. He became a popular figure in television after this show. This made him more confident to make a successful transition from TV to films. Initially it was difficult for him to fetch a role in film because of the stigma attached to children television. However, he managed to secure lead role of a Young Jewish Neo-Nazi in director Henry Bean’s The Believer in 2001. Though the film was commercial failure but he was noticed and was praised for his performance. After this he went on to appear in many films including Murder by Numbers, Entertainment Weekly and The United States of Leland.

Two of his most

Homes for Sale in Horror Films

Houses tend to have subtle influences on their owners; often, one can become connected to a place because of memories and nothing more. People sometimes act as if a building were a living organism that gathers the residue of events that have taken place inside. Throughout history, people have held a certain fear for locations that have held strange or disturbing events. The topic of haunted homes has mystified moviegoers since the dawn of film.

Strewn throughout the history of horror films are stories about homes for sale, in which a person or family moves in only to begin perceiving strange happenings that gather in menace over time. It often is revealed that some dark event took place with previous owners of the house and the evil never left.

In “House on Haunted Hill,” for example, a group of people attempt to stay the night in an abandoned asylum where a doctor is said to have experimented on his patients in gruesome ways, often leading to their deaths. An eccentric mogul offers a large sum of money to anyone who manages to stay the whole night. Unfortunately for them, an evil and vengeful force claims

Eliminate Homesickness with Indian TV Channels in Abroad


In today’s world, moving away from home is becoming a very common feature for many – for various reasons ranging from attending high ranked universities for further studies to earning a substantial monetary income. But no matter in which part of the world you may be, one thing is a certainty. There is nothing like coming home from a tiring day, stretching out on the couch in front of your television – watching your favorite channel. This relaxing luxury is what many look forward to, especially if you are an Indian who has moved out of the country. Every day can have its fair share of stressful and nerve-wrecking incidents for any Indian when trying to cope with culture and styles of other countries. But in the comforts of your own home, you can sink into a world of intensity and drama of Indian television and unwind from the day’s events.

With the advancement of technology and availability of Indian television in other countries, this trend is becoming more and more popular with Indians living abroad. Being in a foreign country, it is imperative for

These Stars Made It Big after a Turn on Reality TV

Our airwaves are littered with reality television shows featuring people doing everything from shopping for the perfect wedding dress to trying to lose hundreds of pounds in a relatively short period of time. Just flip through your satellite TV channels, or go to http://www.direct-ticket.net/directv/pennsylvania/p/directv-pittsburgh/, and you’ll find dozens of options at any given time.

It used to be that reality TV stars got little more than their 15 minutes of fame and a nice paycheck. But now, a turn on reality TV can lead to a legitimate place in the spotlight.

Here are a few stars who made it big after getting into the public eye on reality TV:

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner may come from a famous family, but when “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” first came out, she was barely a gawky tween. Her own family wasn’t really famous until the show came out, either. Before that, older sister Kim had a brief turn as Paris Hilton’s BFF and Kim’s father, Robert, represented O.J. Simpson in the trial of the century.

After growing up in front of the cameras, Kylie landed her own modeling contract. Now she’s followed everywhere

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is from the same popular clan, the Kardashians but with a different father, olympian Bruce Jenner (who is now Caitlyn Jenner after his gender transition). She is the half-sister of the most popular television personality, Kim Kardashian. Her ticket to fame was the reality television series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, in which she appeared along with her entire family. She is the youngest in the family and set to follow the footsteps of her sister Kim, Khloe and Kourtney.

She began her glamour career with the reality show Keeping Up with Kardashians in 2007. The series was successful and has led to the creations of spin-offs including Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami, Khloé & Lamar, and Kourtney and Kim Take New York. Cashing on the fame and recignition she got from the series, she launched her nail polish brand, Wear Something Spar-kylie and Rainbow in the S-kylie. She along with her sisters also launched a jewelry line with Pascal Mouawad’s Glamhouse to create the Metal Haven by Kendall & Kylie jewellery collection. Last year, she with her sister Kendall launched a shoe and handbag line for Steve Madden’s Madden Girl line. She also

Make The Great Experience for Christmas Party

Christmas is coming! The day which have been waited in this year will come soon. There are so many things that must be prepared to welcome this holy day. Of course, you do not want to pass this day without any good experience and moments, right? So, you would have to prepare all the things right now. One thing that can be prepared is the dinner for the big family or may be with your friends. You can make a special dinner and gathering with them in christmas night. But, there will be a problem if you do not have enough tables and chairs for the celebration.

For you who get this kind of problem, you do not need to worry anymore. You can count on the rental party equipment Bowie MD to solve your problem. This rental will be the best solution for you to rent some chairs, tables and the others party equipment. Choosing this rental will give you some benefits. First, you do not need spend your money to buy the new chairs and tables. Then, you can get some helps to manage the tables and chairs for the celebration. Not only

Family Guy Game: 13 Ways to Tell If You’re a True Fan

UntitledThink you know Family Guy? Family Guy is a highly popular show and millions of people follow the antics of Peter and Brian and Stewie, but are you a true Family Guy fan? Test your knowledge of the show by seeing how many of these Family Guy fun facts you already know.

  1. Peter and Brain are Taken From…

The 1997 Cartoon Network cartoon entitled Larry & Steve, which was made by MacFarlane. These two characters are the base for the whole Family Guy show.

  1. Family Guy Was Nominated for…

Outstanding Comedy Series at the 2009 Emmys, when it was the first animation series since the popular Flintstones to be given a nomination for this category.

  1. Stewie is Heard and Understood by his Family…

Whenever the creators feel like it. MacFarlane said that the show’s writers decide what is funny at the moment when they have to figure out whether Stewie is understood or not.

  1. The Family Guy Cast Makes…

Over $225,000 per episode. That’s an awful lot of money, but many fans will feel they deserve it.

  1. How Many

Top Venues For Your Birthday

Whether you are celebrating your 18th birthday, or you are turning “over the hill 40”, you can really give a bang to your special day if you chose the right location and the right atmosphere. The newest trends indicate that having a birthday bash in simple restaurants is the thing of the past, and modern celebration takes place in a fun and upbeat environment where all the guests can really let go and have a good time. In order to meet the needs of all your guests and cater to everyone’s expectations, it is best take these top venues into consideration.

Most Favored By Music Lovers

There are great places where you can combine friendly conversation with dinner as well as great music. This is the perfect way to celebrate any birthday and listen to a great band, a solo singer or even enjoy some Latin dance. Whether you are looking to sit back and enjoy the show or take part in some simmering hot Cuban salsa, then the choice is a venue like Le Balcon Salle de Spectacle. This great location doesn’t only have a great interior with candle lit tables and burgundy curtains, it also lights up the night

Excellent Boards for Playing Cornhole

Take one example of Independence Day. In this special day, the cornhole boards are designed just like American flag. This kind of model is basically designed generally for people in the country. However, it is still not really encouraging. That is why companies creating boards that are personally customized. This way, it is possible to create a funny idea with this customization. Take one example of screaming person with his mouth as the hole. This idea is rather rude, but it is really fun. This item can be given as present to close friends. It is definitely cool thing to play together with this board.

There is a definitive rule about cornhole. However, the rule fortunately does not affect to decoration of the board itself. This game which is also known as dummy board is actually very interesting and attractive. However, it can be boring once the board is not changed. It is why some innovations are focused on changing the appearance of the board itself. The change is quite significant from time to time. There is even theme for the board that can be selected. It is designed to accommodate people who want to

Examples of Vacations As Movie Plotlines

Vacations are the days all regular Joe’s dream about while toiling away at their desks, or laboring in a factory. People want to get away from it all, kick off their shoes, and relax for a few days without anyone or anything demanding their attention. Most people find a nice hotel with a pool as far away from home as possible. If you’re in a movie, you plan a trip to take the wife and boys away to a lodge where you can relax, only to find out your bothersome brother-in-law and his wife are going to horn in on the fun.

The Great Outdoors is a classic example of what happens when the best-laid plans are completely ruined by the extremely annoying brother-in-law, who has his plan to borrow money disguised as an investment. Chet Ripley has reserved a cabin with emotional attachments for him, his wife, and two sons. The Ripley’s are going to fish and spend a simple week of family bonding together. Then all their plans are turned upside down when Roman Craig crashes the family’s trip with his wife and twin daughters.

Roman Craig is a slick talking banker and

Surprise your children’s with an excellent party venue

Setting up a party does no longer ought to be an annoyance revel in and through narrowing down your requirements, it is straightforward to find a venue that completely suitable for your occasion. So many eating places and other top celebration locations provide packages for birthday parties and will cater for and accommodate almost all requests. Determine your requirements and discover an appropriate venue with a view to make certain you and your guests revel in a memorable birthday party. While seeking out a venue, it is very critical to have a clean idea of how many humans can be attending. The venue will need to house all of your visitors comfortable and have appropriate centers to in shape the variety of humans you have chosen to entertain.

Useful Suggestions to choose the best party location:

According to growing your guest list, confirm that if you will offer catering and leisure at the venue and whether or not seating for a meal is required. This may affect your venue desire, as sure eating places are most effective, capable of accommodating a certain quantity of purchasers. Birthday parties are